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Jack Reuter's SCCA Racing, Ferrari, and Maserati photos Thread

AtlasF1 Thread

John Ritchey's 1953 Pebble Beach photos

Major William Henry Cooper's 1965 Ferrari P2 Drogo and 1963 250P photos

Jack Brady's photos

Bruce Carnachan's 1952 Torry Pines photos

Gordon Wing's photos

Armin Krueger's photos

Scott Sperka's photos

Bill Giltzow's photos


Jack Reuter photos:

1959 (Lawrenceville ?)

John Quackenbush 500TR #0634 1959 (Vichy/Rolla Missouri Airport Race?)

John Quackenbush 500TR #0634 1959 (Smartt Field ?)

Jim Johnston 250TR #0720 1959 (Lawrenceville ?)

Jim Johnston 250TR #0720 1959 (Vichy/Rolla Missouri Airport Race?)

Bobby Aylward Maserati 250S #2431 1959 (Smartt Field ?)

Bob Stelloh 250SWB #2237GT at Road America June 21, 1964  

500TR  #0600MDTR at Sebring 1959

Olivier Gendebien 250TR #0770TR at Sebring 1959 

Augie Pabst/Bill Wuesthoff 250TR59/60 #0770 in 1960

Blue Oval Ferraris by Randy Cook cover photo by Jack Reuter

George Reed TR #0770 Ford V8 at Road America June 21, 1964

E.D. Martin 250TR #0730 (?)

Siomko 500 TRC #6720

E. D. Martin 315S #0656 

Major Bill Cooper 500 TRC #0702


Phillip Ward Artist Renderings

Fangio/Castellotti Sebring '56 winning Ferrari 860 Monza #0604M

Dave Causey Maserati Birdcage #2457 1960 Lawrenceville April (?)

Maserati 200 SI Slim Helson 1960 Lawrenceville April (?)

Jack Hinkle Birdcage #2456

Frank Harrison Birdcage, driven by Jim Hall in the 1960 Road Am.

Bobby Burns 150S #1659

H. Hironaka 500 TRC #0660

Hugh Grammer Bandini #358 750cc DOHC 1965 Green Valley TX

Pikes Peak 


John Ritchey 1953 Pebble Beach photos:

Bill David MG TC Special

 Jag (?)

Gary Laughlin Olds-Allard J2X

Al Coppel Nardi BMW 750cc

Bill Murphy Kurtis-DeSoto driven by James Gibbs

Bill Tritt C. T. Special, a Glasspar body with an Ardun-Ford engine and Mameco frame, driven by Warren Gerdes

Pete Lovely Giaur 750cc

Donald Blanks Cooper Mk. IV driven by Cliff Ricker

Sterling Edwards C-Type Jaguar 


Major William Henry Cooper:

Indianapolis (Tom Patterson Photo)

Major William Henry Cooper's Ferrari P2 #0838 Drogo Body

Major William Henry Cooper's 1963 Ferrari 250P #0816


Jack Brady photos:

Meadowdale 1959

1960 June Sprints Augie and Andry

1960 Sandy MacArthur Stanguellini FJR

1962 Milwaukee Fair Grounds

1962 RA

Alan Connell Birdcage Maserati Ferrari 

Stone-Wayne Burnett Wilmot

1963 Wilmot

Wilmot Jack Brady

Wilmot Jack Brady


Bruce Carnachan 1952 Torry Pines photos:

Sterling Edwards C Type Jaguar

Hornbeck Jaguar C Type Phil Hill driver

(1955 Sacramento Fairgrounds Terry Larson archives)


Gordon Wing photos:

1956 Lawrenceville

1960 Vineland

#55 AC Ace winner of the "Final"

4th Race Start of Final

1955 Put in Bay


Armin Krueger photos:

1953 Wilmot Hills

1954 Wilmot Hills

Scott Sperka photos:

Lola Osca



Bill Giltzow photos:

Nardi Danese

1951 Bridgehampton 

1955 Marlboro James Trigwell Frazer-Nash

Howard Fowler Alfa

Elva Mark1b

1959 Taraschi Formula Junior #BT 052 at 1970 Lime Rock

1959 Taraschi Formula Junior #BT 052 at 1970 Bridgehampton


The race cars of the fifties provided fans and drivers with an entertaining style of auto racing. During this era cars such as the Ferrari and Maserati were as much fun to watch as they were to drive. It has been noted that the race fans of the fifties, were similar to the race fans of today in that they enjoyed having an alcoholic drink while they were watching the race. Just as today, having too many drinks in the fifties could cause legal problems with the law and was dangerous to others on the roadways, especially during weekends when the races were held. A specialist such as a Columbus DUI or OVI lawyer would note the similarities in the two eras, but would probably remind everyone to be safe if they drink.



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